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Superior performance PTFE sheet with high compressibility

KLINGER®tc-1003 is a high quality, yet cost-effective biaxial oriented modified PTFE gasket material with hollow glass spheres. This material offers superior sealability, excellent torque retention, and reduced creep relaxation.

Uses include most chemicals. It also works well on glass-lined flanges. Gaskets cut from this material are exceptionally effective when lower bolt loads are needed to effect a seal.

This material also meets FDA conformity.

Basis: Modified PTFE material with hollow glass spheres.


Typical Values

Pressure limit 1235 psi
Temperature range -450°F to 500°F
Compressibility ASTM F36 M 35 %
Recovery ASTM F36 M 45 %
Liquid leakage ASTM F37 < 0.25 ml/hr
Creep relaxation ASTM F38 31 %
Tensile ASTM F152 1885 psi
Density 87 lbs/ft³
Gas leakage BS7531 < 0.01 mL/min
Dielectric strength ASTM 149 15 kV/mm
Color Light Blue
The ability of a gasket to make and maintain a seal depends not only on the style and quality of the gasket material, but also on medium being sealed, the flange design, the amount of pressure applied to the gasket by the bolts and how the gasket is assembled onto the flanges and tightened. These factors are beyond the manufacturer's control.