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Do You Experience Problems with Hard or Brittle Gaskets?

High temperature and rubber bonded fiber reinforced gasket materials have always been a sealing challenge. We set new standards with KLINGER®Quantum. Bending tests reveal that KLINGER®Quantum is eight times more flexible when compared to other materials with similar compounds. This means extended lifetime. KLINGER®Quantum can be used at temperatures higher than any other rubber bonded fiber reinforced gasket materials. Both stress and leakage tests have been successfully performed at 750°F (400°C). The secret is a patented curing process and HNBR binder.

Klinger Quantum

Fibrous rubber-bonded gaskets harden when exposed to heat - some more quickly than others. The effects of thermal cycling (especially in steam applications) can often lead to flanged assembly failures. A more flexible gasket with superior compressibility and recovery properties will withstand greater pressure and temperature fluctuations resulting in a more reliable joint. A soft gasket for a hard job.



  • Produced using a unique patented curing process strengthening the HNBR rubber
  • Withstands higher temperatures than other rubber bonded fiber materials
  • Up to 8 times more flexible than other rubber bonded fiber materials
  • Withstands high surface pressure, but also seals at very low surface pressure
  • Has a long lifetime and low leakage rate
  • FDA compliant (when ordered unbranded) and Fire Safe Tested