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2014 has been an eventful year for Klinger International Management GmbH with acquisitions of several companies that play leading roles in their respective target markets. “The Klinger Group is pursuing the strategy of investing in companies that serve high-end niche applications. All of our acquisitions fit perfectly with this strategy and help us increase our footprint in these target markets,” explains Chris Klinger-Lohr, Director of Business Development.

Klinger’s U.S. presence expanded with the formation of Klinger Advantage, Inc. in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Prior to the acquisition in late 2013, Advanced Technical Services was serving process industries such as chemical and petrochemical facilities with specialty valves, actuation and service. Since the merger, Klinger Advantage, Inc. has expanded their product line and engineering services to meet their customers’ needs in the U.S. market.

As part of the integration process, the company has expanded to a second location in Houston, Texas which is an ideal location to serve oil and gas end users as well as their contracted EPC’s with technical solutions involving valves and actuation.

In 2014,Westad, a large butterfly valve manufacturer based in Geithus, Norway was acquired by Klinger International GmbH. Supplying the most demanding applications in LNG, LPG and LNE liquefaction and storage facilities, Westad has developed a significant presence among a global customer base.

Another new arrival to the Klinger Group is Proseal, based in Ploiesti, Romania. They provide the local oil and gas industry with a broad range of sealing materials, and plans to expand to supply shipyards in the eastern part of the Danube Delta. In addition, Proseal installed gasket manufacturing equipment with the technical assistance of Klinger IK, ensuring thus the highest quality standards that customers worldwide have come to expect from Klinger’s metallic gaskets.

Early in 2014, Beta Instruments Ltd. Merged with Klinger Danmark A/S. With this acquisition, Klinger Denmark strengthens its activities in the area of process instrumentation and enables Klinger Denmark to cover further market areas. Klinger focuses on the areas of gaskets, seals, valves, and instrumentation. The company not only distributes its own products but also products manufactured by third parties. The aim is to find the best possible solution for each application.

Baars Group, an industry leader in the area of fluid control in South Africa was purchased by Klinger Pty Ltd. in late 2013. Klinger Pty Ltd. In South Africa is a leader in the area of fluid sealing. This merger enables both companies to provide a more complete product offering to their customers. Klinger will continue to run Baars as an independent company, owing to its good reputation.