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Gasket quoting tool streamlines process
The Gasket Estimating Program (GEP) is a powerful costing/pricing tool for gasket fabricators that combines high level material utilization functionality with SQL databasing of materials. The web-based program utilizes mathematical best practices for maximizing material yield estimates and provides consistent, controlled pricing. Because the program is web based, it can be accessed 24/7/365 by your team anywhere and on any web enabled device.
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Program Features & Functionality

  • Pre-loaded with KLINGER's most common materials (sheets and rolls); you enter your pricing
  • Customizable to store your entire catalog
  • Securely customize your own pricing structure
  • You establish work centers and associated costs and profit margins
  • Plug-down module optimizes yield
  • Determines the best nesting/layout and total material required for a job
GEP Example
GEP is built specifically by gasket people for gasket people and aimed at optimizing functionality for traditional gasket fabricators.