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Specialty Products


Baffle seals for Heat Exchangers

Baffle seals for Heat Exchangers are manufactured from DIN 1.4571 material (SS 316Ti) as a standard, but can also be provided in other material options, based on specific process media conditions.  The seals are fitted easily, and under most circumstances require no additional tooling, drilling or bolting of the seal to the baffle plate. KLINGER Thermoseal Houston carries a range of baffle seals to fit the most commonly encountered baffle plate thicknesses between ¼” and ¾”.  Other sizes are also available, on a make-to-order basis.


KLINGER Sentry Gasket

  • Allows leak testing on individual flanged joints without the need to pressurize the full system
  • Leak test both the primary and secondary sides of the seal
  • Speeds up the leakage testing reducing plant downtime
  • Significantly reduces the volume of testing media required
  • Validates individual joint integrity at installation reducing the need to re-visit the joint
  • Joints can be tested and adjusted if leakage occurs, in one visit to the flange