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Insulation Kits

Insulation kits are specified in order to offer electrical protection where two dissimilar flange materials are mated together.  The sets remove the possibility of the system acting as a galvanic cell and reduces the risk of corrosion of the pipe work.  They also offer cathodic protection by isolating protected piping systems and preventing the flow of electro-static charges.


  • BASIC for use with Pressure Class 150# flanges
  • ISOMAX LPS for use with Pressure Class 300# flanges
  • ISOMAX HPS for use with Pressure Class 600#/900#/1500# flanges


Kits include a full face or ring insulating gasket, an insulating sleeve for each bolt, 2 insulating washers per bolt and 2 metal washers per bolt.

Contact KLINGER Thermoseal at 800-990-7325 for additional information.